About Us

Perfect Health started in Indonesia in 1996. We used to be a massage equipment and handheld massage device retailer at large roadshows and events. Perfect Health expanded into retailing in a large shopping mall as the company grew in popularity. By 2006, the overall channel of sales outlets in Indonesia had reached 37 flagship stores and 40 points of exhibition teams.

Later, in 2002, Malaysia's most popular mall, The Pavillon Mall in Kuala Lumpur, created the first flagship store. Perfect Health launched its online presence in 2008, when the customer buying pattern shifted toward digital, for the convenience of after-sales services and new customer groups outside of Malaysia's capital.

Perfect Health opened their first showroom in the Philippines in 2010, in Manila Ocean Park. Perfect Health was the first company in the industry in the Philippines. Perfect Health has up to sixteen consulting teams catering for road shows and exhibiting throughout the Philippines, due to its growing popularity.

Perfect Health improves its product research and development to provide innovation, better design, and structure them to be above market trends. Our management is supported by individuals with extensive experience in medical equipment products. We collaborate with experienced Professional health consultants to optimize the value of the brand name. Our core is all about health and wellness massage items to cater to our precious consumers by supplying first-class and well-engineered health care products at an attractive and cheap price range. C.E. has approved and tested all of our products. C.E (Conformité Européenne), G.S (Global System), and T.U.V S.U.D. Our stores, which are located in all major cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, are equipped and constructed with modern and contemporary designs.

 Today, Perfect Health expanded to 45 retail stores and 65 exhibits across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia with a full range of massage products to cater to millions of customers across the Region.